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There's no doubt going lesson by lesson is the best way to retain what you learn at GU. With an account, a logged in user can take advantage of a Pop Quiz at the end of most lessons, sort of "final exam prep."

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Anyone can come to Groundskeeper U and poke around the wealth of information. But if you need to prove what you know, then you need to become certified. With your GU/Beacon account you'll have access to our Final Exam. Pass the final and you'll get a PDF certificate proving you know what you're doing.

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When you have a Groundskeeper U account, you also automatically have a Beacon Athletics account. Not only can you track your progress at GU as you progress toward certification, but you can use your account for super-easy, faster checkout at the Beacon store when you need to get those gotta-have, make-my-life-easier products you see at GU.