Groundskeeper University is a production of Beacon Athletics, the ultimate ballfield resource. Beacon has truly been the “experts in the field” since 1948. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We’ve walked hundreds of miles in your shoes. In fact, our team includes the former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles and the author of Groundskeeper U, Paul Zwaska.

Our dedicated online resources for baseball groundskeepers by groundskeepers are available in whichever format works for you: blog articles, online field dimensions, even training right here at Groundskeeper University. Whatever you need for your ballfield, think Beacon.

For more than a dozen years, Beacon Athletics had been conducting training seminars all over the United States. Now, we’ve conveniently packaged these how-to seminars into our online Groundskeeper University.

The time and effort necessary to train new staff each year can become overwhelming, and that’s exactly why we developed Groundskeeper U. It’s the perfect online tool for teaching new staff, summer help, and volunteers. Through videos, photos, audio, and written material your staff will learn the right way with the tried and true practices taught by Paul Zwaska. Users can come and go as they please, but to gain certification of these basic introductory baseball and softball field groundskeeping skills, you’ll need to use your account to progress through each module and then complete the Final Exam.

“With Groundskeeper U, our goal is to bring professional training directly to you and your staff. A fair and safe playing field is every groundskeeper’s goal. But that means things need to be done right…”

— Paul Zwaska, Groundskeeper University

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