Introduction to Groundskeeping

Groundskeeper UniversityThese introductory modules serve as the perfect starting point or refresher. GU author and former major league groundskeeper Paul Zwaska delivers the tried and true techniques for common game day prep.

Beacon Athletics developed Groundskeeper U to help grounds crews get on the same page, doing things the right way. When you complete these introductory modules and lessons, you’ll be equipped with all the basic knowledge you need to avoid common groundskeeping mistakes and become a contributing member of your crew.

The get the most out of Groundskeeper U and have access to the Final Exam you’ll need to be a registered user (if you have a Beacon Athletics online account, you’re already registered, just login with that username/email and password). Groundskeeper U is free, so accessing the lessons does not require registration, however you will not be able to gain certification. Click below to learn more. We recommend going through each module in order and when you have completed them all, take the Final Exam to demonstrate your proficiency and earn certification from Groundskeeper U. Good luck!

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